was conceptualized and officially launched in January, 2017 by Kedella Thea Jhenella Isaac, a gifted accessory designer from the Southern Caribbean Twin Island Republic of Trinidad & Tobago.

Jhenella Isaac the Brand was designed to produce exclusive, prestigious, luxury indulgence based on excessive details for the select clients who love timeless, brilliant and extravagant excellence in craftsmanship and design. Each handbag and accessory is carefully artistically (made) handcrafted from start to finish in Trinidad & Tobagousing the finest materials suited to each piece.

There is a distinctive style and culture of the brand where class meets glamorous, excessive luxury that reflect the Bold Culture of Trinidad & Tobago. The culture of the brand is an extravagant dream of merging the luxury European Culture of amazing craftsmanship with the bold, expressive, rich and colourful culture of Trinidad & Tobago.

The Luxury Fashion Business was launched in January 2017 with an all white collection (Timeless Rose) at an All White Intimate Cocktail Affair Launch Event. This collection was designed to signify the dawn of a new beginning.

Since then many more collections have been successfully launched, such as The Mermaid Resort Collection, The Queen of the Night Christmas Collection, The Cotton Candy Anniversary Collection and The Safari Capsule Collection. These collections served thousands of clients across the world within three years of operation with custom and personalized handbags, wallets, card holders, travel passport holders and luggage tag accessories. The brand has since been growing towards being established as a glamorous, luxurious brand for the daring person. Our founder has ensured that charity is the heart of the brand and numerous donations are made to local charities, towards cancer treatment and more. 

Note from the Designer:

Welcome and thank you for joining JHENELLA ISAAC, the brand’s spectacular journey in creating a heritage of personalized glamorous handbag and accessory production with sentimental value to you the valued client, handcrafted in Trinidad & Tobago.

“Showcase your glamorous personal style without saying a word with a Jhenella Isaac handbag or accessory.”

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Kindest Regards,
-Kedella Thea Jhenella Isaac