Essentially Designed For Her 🖤 Your 5 Essential Handbags/Accessories

As an avid fashion and style lover, I have always paid attention to the use of handbags and accessories in fashion and every day life. From its inception in the 1900’s in Europe to now, their importance in a woman's life remains the same. They are used as symbols of status and wealth, while reflecting personal style and taste without saying a word. Most importantly, handbags and accessories do play a significant role in how a woman carries her personal belongings. Their functionality, combined with style, has shaped the face of fashion and style over the years.

As an accessory designer, during the design process, I have always aimed at creating products with a balance in functionality and esthetic.

The following five handbags/accessories are all essential to every woman's closet...❤️

1) A chic clutch handbag.

Clutch handbags were developed to carry small valuables, and often draw attention away from the clothing as it’s carried in the hand. It is one of the most versatile handbag inventions, and can be used for a wide range of uses and styles...making them a closet must have. They are perfect for an array of activities such as errands, a chill day out or social events, date night, weddings, and family gatherings. 

(JHENELLA ISAAC Ariel Mermaid Clutch Handbag Below)

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Ariel Mermaid Iridescent Clutch Handbag

2) A tailored work bag.

Who said handbags can't make a fashion statement and be structured at the same time? A beautiful, sleek and tailored work handbag can do the trick of making you look good for work, while ensuring all your necessities are within your closest grasp. In a well designed and structured handbag, there is space for your phone, laptop/iPad, chargers, notepad, personal belongings, pens, wallet and even your favourite snack or food. Everything you need for daily use fits into a great work handbag. A Jhenella Isaac tailored work handbag will do the trick with functionality and great style. Turn heads when you step into the office.

(JHENELLA ISAAC Serena Structured Work Tote Handbag Below)

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Serena Work Tote Handbag

3) A statement handbag.

So it's time to hit the town with the girls and your outfit is on point, but you feel like something is missing. Then it hits need the perfect handbag to complete the fashion statement you plan on making. Introducing the statement handbag - a unique design that not only holds the limited necessities you want to have with you, but also helps you stand out within the crowd. This handbag shows your simplicity, but also your deep sense of fashion, and is the perfect addition to your head-turning outfit. This is one of our specialties here at Jhenella Isaac. A statement handbag can change your entire look, making it a must have for your closet.

(JHENELLA ISAAC Ariah Acrylic Safari Glamorous Handbag, Embellished with Python Snake Skin Flowers Below)

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4) A cross-body handbag.

Sometimes we just don't want anything in our hands, or holding our load and handbag can be a bit much at times. What is the solution then...a cross-body handbag. Cross-body handbags are quite functional, and are great for holding our belongings while giving us the liberty to do as we please with our hands. These bags have increased in popularity as its usefulness to women on the go has made it the perfect style-to-function handbag.

(JHENELLA ISAAC Safari Leopard Print Mini Bucket Cross-Body Bag Below)

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Safari Leopard Print Cross Body Bucket Handbag

5)  A wallet/card holder.

Wallets/card holders were developed when paper currency was introduced, and are structurally designed for daily use. They often reflect personal taste and style, while having the extreme importance of keeping important bank cards, personal identification, and documents safe from the elements of nature and theft.

At Jhenella Isaac, all wallets can be personalized with your name or initials, and are all created with RFID blocking security, a feature to prevent card data theft.

(JHENELLA ISAAC Safari Dazzle Transparent Card Holder)

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Safari Dazzle Transparent Card Holder

Your five must have’s are available at JHENELLA ISAAC, especially curated with women in mind! Stay tuned for another blog soon- one that you wouldn’t want to miss! 🖤

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