The Launch .... Where it all began❤️

In the room adjacent to my Launch Space, I sat pensively, processing the depth of the leap that I was about to take. A plethora of fears permeated my mind. Was I ready? Would I ever be ready? was told that it was extremely hard to break into the handbag and accessory niche in Trinidad and Tobago. I wondered, Should I leave my own launch?

I was always a girl with a plan. From young, I wrote down everything I wanted to achieve in life. As a natural creative, I always wanted a design business. I knew that with God, all things are possible, but on the Launch Day, I was encompassed with fear.
What I had was a gift from God. I had never professionally pursued this field, I was fully engrossed in another field of study. I sat and spoke with God and pep talked myself. His answer was yes. I spoke positive affirmations into my Life and my Business. I took several deep breaths, regained my composure & fearlessly walked into my launch space... and moved with God. 

—> Fast forward to 4 years later....  It was the best decision I could have ever made. 

Things I discovered along the way:
1) You can excel at anything that you decide that you want to.
2) Prayer & Positive Affirmations play an important role in your life. With God, you can achieve anything.
3) Start when you can and not when you are ready, for you would never be ready.
4) Don’t place others limitations on yourself.
5) Seek like minded friendships and positive spaces.
6) You would make mistakes, Learn from them. 
7) Entrepreneurship is complex yet beautiful.
8) Stay Positive.
9) If you dream it, you can do it.
10) Take the Risk!

I want to inspire others along their entrepreneurial journey. I am glad that I followed my heart and created a brand that I love, a niche that is unique to who I am, and most importantly, one that resonates well with my wonderful clients who now feel like family...❤️

Welcome to my New Lifestyle Blog where all things fashion, style, beauty, travel, handbags, interiors, entrepreneurship and so much more would be spoken of.

Look forward to monthly blog posts! Feel free to comment & share! ❤️

Thank You for joining in on my journey!

xoxo- Kedella Thea Jhenella Isaac.


  • So proud of you hunni 😘

    Jonelle Broomes
  • I’m proud of you and your journey…I am even more excited about the greater that’s ahead on your entrepreneurial journey ♥️♥️♥️.

  • Such a blessing comparing your inception and your evolution. Anything is possible with God! Go full strength into your passion

  • Girl I am soooo proud of you….I’m also elated that I had the opportunity to support you from the very idea of it all and even up to today when you’re blossoming so beautifully….May God bless your business and I know you have lots more great stuff in store for us…love you sis.🥰

  • Love it! God bless you. You go girl!❤❤❤❤💯💯💯

    Great KT. Proud of you. I too shared your fears but with God all things are possible. Congratulations. Looking forward to more.

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