Confessions of a REAL SHOPAHOLIC! ✨

An Honest Discourse.

Let’s be real🥺... I know that many business owners can agree- sometimes it can get very hard juggling personal and business finances, and striking a balance.… it can get even harder when you are an impulsive shopper who absolutely enjoys retail therapy. 

Have you ever purchased items and then wondered where your money went? It’s like that month end trip to Pennywise 🥺… “But it was only six small items that I purchased...😕 how did this come up to one thousand dollars???” 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

This happens to so many of us, myself included, simply because we do not take the time each month to really budget & plan our daily expenditures. We literally just spend when we feel like it, from money that we didn’t intend on spending.

Common goals are:

1) I want to have a healthy savings plan.

2) I want to be able to have an adequate emergency fund for when emergencies arise.

3) I want to know where my money goes- what comes in and what goes out 

4) I want daily sales and completely booked services in my business. I want my business to grow exponentially. 

5) I want my business to have structure - a solid business plan, monthly plans and powerful marketing plans.

6) I want to monetize and use my social media as a powerful marketing tool.

….. And the truth is… these goals can’t be attained unless we have a changed mindset.🧘‍♀️ Over the years, I have learned that there is so much value in writing things down, especially your goals, your schedule and your expenditures.

In 2019, after much research, I decided to create a planner for my personal use… In it, I designed a gratitude space, to wire my brain into thinking positively and to always have gratitude. I also designed a vision board for my goals and even structured savings plans, emergency funds plans, spending trackers to curb impulsive purchases, business plan work sheets and monthly work sheets for my business goals, monthly income and expenses sheets, social media planner sheets as well as personal goal sheets. I even added in lifestyle features like meal planning and weekly planning to make an all round lifestyle planner that covers all my activities surrounding my money.

Using this planner has been a joy and a blessing for me. It brought me so much depth and understanding- allowed me to plan, structure and grow my business (despite being in a pandemic) and it also allowed me to track my spending, curb unnecessary expenditures and increase savings. I am now able to make more informed financial decisions based on the data in front of me. This planner covers all things and everything money- It is indeed the Million Dollar Planner. It has allowed me to really understand my money- and now, I take this planner everywhere with me. 💪🏽 It’s size just right to fit in my handbag (A5) so that I can plan just about anywhere I go. Sometimes in the car, I pull out my planner to confirm things. This product is simply amazing.

I wholeheartedly believe that this planner would be beneficial to so many ladies, like myself- with an entrepreneurial mindset AND going behind major million dollar life goals- and for this reason, I decided to share this with other women who would like to plan their goals and find clarity in their finances.✨

Introducing my Brand New Product:

💫 The Million Dollar Planner 💫

A Glam way to get your lifestyle & finances in order.

This planner is a 12 month, non-dated, goal setting, success strategizing planner is specific to achieving those million dollar life goals, financial goals &  business goals. Experience a change in your life and thinking. This is your blueprint to success.

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