Exclusively Designed For Him (5 Must Have Leather Accessories for Men)

Growing up in a predominantly male household, I was privy to hearing common male questions such as ‘where is my wallet” , “where are my car keys” , “oh my I dropped my phone, my screen cracked”. I’m sure many of you can identify with these, one way or another. 

The truth is, a man needs 5 essential leather accessories...and that's why Jhenella Isaac has decided to put them all together in one place - just for you.

1) a) A bifold wallet.

A man’s wallet should be neatly designed and made with hiigh quality craftsmanship. It’s artistry should be matched to its elegant pocket-size and functionality. Nowadays, the ideal male wallet has all these qualities, as well as RFID Blocking Technology integrated into it for the protection of card information. At Jhenella Isaac, all wallets are made with these features, as well as personalization with your initials.

(JHENELLA ISAAC Safari Chocolate Brown Top Grain Leather Wallet)

• Purchase Link: https://jhenella-isaac.com/collections/the-safari-capsule-collection-for-him/products/chocolate-brown-genuine-leather-personalized-wallet

1) b) A flat card holder/business card holder.

Imagine having to attend special events like a black tie, and not wanting to have cash on your person, or have your pockets bulging because of your wallet. Imagine just wanting to network at an event. Jhenella Isaac has the perfect option for you - check out my sleek and flat card holders and business card holders. It’s size-to-functionality is not only incomparable, but is guaranteed to have you pleased with your purchase. 

 (JHENELLA ISAAC Safari Textured Card/ Business Card Holder)

• Purchase Link: https://jhenella-isaac.com/collections/the-safari-capsule-collection-for-him/products/safari-business-card-holder

2) A leather keychain.

Whether your living in a large or small household, getting keys mixed-up with others is a very common occurrence. Your solution - a keychain. Keychains were initially designed as promotional items but later were established as essential to identifying keys and ownership. At Jhenella Isaac your keychain can be personalized with your logo or initials, making your keys super identifiable.

(JHENELLA ISAAC Safari Python Snake Skin Keychain)

• Purchase Link: https://jhenella-isaac.com/collections/the-safari-capsule-collection-for-him/products/safari-key-chain

3) A sleek iphone sleeve.

Phones have become such an integral part of life that every man has one, and with the cost of phones and repairs skyrocketing, proper protection is needed. Phone sleeves offer protection from excessive sunlight, dust and any other mishaps. Phone cases should not only be functional, but also a representation of your personality and style. Jhenella Isaac has now introduced customized phone sleeves to the luxury male line.

(JHENELLA ISAAC Safari iPhone Sleeve)

• Purchase Link: https://jhenella-isaac.com/collections/the-safari-capsule-collection-for-him/products/safari-iphone-sleeve

4) A luxurious passport holder.

When traveling these days, it is almost an unwritten rule to be stylish while doing so. One way to display your sense of style is with a personalized passport holder. But at Jhenella Isaac, passport holders aren't just customized, they're also designed with RFID blocking security which protects passport data from theft at airports. 

(JHENELLA ISAAC Safari Luxurious Python Snake Skin Passport Holder)

• Purchase Link: https://jhenella-isaac.com/collections/the-safari-capsule-collection-for-him/products/luxury-passport-holder

5) A protective iPad/ Tablet case.

Tablets have become a major aspect of life. Whether for work or leisure, we all use these devices to help us with every day activities. With the cost of these devices, it is important to protect such an expensive investment. Jhenella Isaac ipad/tablet cases protect your devices, while being a part of your sleek look.

(JHENELLA ISAAC Safari iPad Envelope Case)

• Purchase Link: https://jhenella-isaac.com/collections/the-safari-capsule-collection-for-him/products/safari-ipad-sleeve

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